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Following Jeff Jarvis on twitter, he recently linked to this blog post by a fellow student journalist Daniel Bentley. He writes about how journalism schools focus on teaching the content and style of writing online, rather than social media, web promotion, and all that jazz which actually gets people reading the content.

I have to agree completly that I have learnt nothing relating to any kind of social media in my journalism studies unfortunatly. The extent of web related teaching was a brief and disastarous introduction to Dreamweaver which was not exactly helpful.

So, after managing to work out how to start a blog (I know, it’s not hard), my next task is getting people to read it. I’m happy for this to be a meandering and long winded process, giving me the opportunity to work on my writing skills,and so I don’t feel obligated to blog.

I thought that it was about time I discovered what SEO is all about however, and I stumbled across the Knight Digital Media Centre-multimedia and technology training from UC Berkley grad school of journalism. They offer a comprehensive introduction tutorial on the basics of SEO that even I understand.

Though I’ve only looked at this tutorial, the whole site appears to be a great resource for learning. I find it strange how journalism schools don’t make the most of the resources available online from a variety of great sources like this, particularly from other journalism schools. Perhaps they need to create some kind of journalism school network to share resources and expertise. It would benefit the students and journalism itself by producing better journalists.

If journalists are using the web to report, student journalists should be using it to learn how to report.


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