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England World Cup squad- Londoners rule.

Photo: Umbro 'Tailored by England'

After Defoe’s winning goal yesterday (yes Mr Capello, that’s what happens when you don’t play Heskey), hopes for Englands performance in the rest of the tournament have been raised somewhat.

Perhaps the prospect of England not loosing quite yet has made you curious about the squad?

Well, did you know that Defoe, John Terry and Ledley King all played together as kids in Londons youth team Senrab FC?

Did you know that Shaun Wright-Phillips and Scott Parker (who sadly missed the cut for the final 23 players) went to the same school?

Take a look at my article for about three of the players from the boroughs along the ELL and why London produces so many world class players.

I’m quite chuffed that I managed to write about sport, and that I managed to get an interesting pic to illustrate it (Umbro’s Tailored by England ad’s- though I have to point out that I had the idea for this story before the ad came out- they actually stole the idea from me!).

Once again, I learnt that your work is not your own, and that as soon as your done writing, copy belongs to the editors. So, the intro has been stripped down to the bare minimum (direct, but not as interesting I think), and my title changed (ELL leads to World Cup- not so SEO friendly perhaps), and a short list at the end saying whereabouts the rest of the London players are from has gone (quite essential because I do mention other players in passing, and that the whole of London produces players, so quite a glaring ommision in my mind).

But to quote Terry (my lecturer, not John Terry) ‘that’s showbiz’.


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